Get paid on Medium from any country

Get paid on Medium from any country

Feb 5, 2021·

5 min read

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When I realized not all countries get paid on Medium, I had to make my research and follow few steps (listed in this article). It works my friend! 😊

Bloggers need to be compensated for writing articles because I know how stressful it is.

Medium pays trending stories through Stripe but not all countries support certain features.

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If your country is listed, please skip this article but also join the medium partnership program.

Steps to allow Stripe payment

Below are the steps to allow Stripe payment irrespective of your country:

1. Download Epic Browser

Download the Epic Browser and Turn the Proxy on/off at the far right of the address bar by selecting US East Coast (default). This hides your country's IP address.

See the image below:

Bello downloaded the Epic Browser

Note: All links below should be opened on Epic Privacy Browser

2. Download the Chat App

Download either Hushed app or TextMe on your phone. The download is needed because Stripe will send a confirmation through chosen number selected by you (I recommend US or Canada number - +1). It is recommended to have a number of your own because stripe will send sensitive info sometimes that shouldn't be disclosed to anybody.

Note: You have to pay: Between $1.99 to $5 or use someone number you know in USA so they send the code to you for confirmation.

3. Open a Payoneer account

Create an account on Payoneer.

After complete sign up you should see the message

Screenshot (1616).png

4. Request a new currency on Payoneer account

Request a new currency on dashboard

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Now click on the USA option to get your USA bank details.

Alt Text

Copy all details and save them in a file.

Alt Text

4. Sign up to Stripe

Sign up to stripe and confirm the code sent to the chat app. If your country is not in the country dropdown, choose USA.

5. Open Medium and Join Medium Partnership Program

If you do not have an account yet on Medium, sign up through the Epic Privacy Browser.

To join the Medium partnership program, click the check box to agree to the Terms of Service.

Screenshot (1618).png

Other forms on Medium

1.) Here put in your details sent to you from the chat app (TextMe or Hushed)


2.) Confirm the code sent to the chat app. image

3.) Additional Details image

4.) Check out your copied USA bank details from Payoneer and fill in the form


5.) Click on Done after filling all necessary forms

Taxpayer Information

You will receive an email from Medium with a link to the tax page in less than a minute to link the stripe account.

Lastly, to allow payment, add your taxpayer information here link.

Screenshot (1631).png

1.) Fill in the Taxpayer information The form should be filled based on where you live currently (doesn't matter if the country is outside stripe payment support)

2.) Select Your Tax Form

Select the W-8BEN option because you are based outside the United States


Click on Done to submit your tax form.

Congratulation now you can get paid for writing beautiful articles. Share this article with friends and family when needed.